Ones To Watch

Ones to Watch is a global panel of over 300 expert nominators with a local and international perspective on the world of photography, from artists and curators to editors and educators. Considered an authoritative source by photographers’ agents, creative directors, art buyers and collectors the world over, new talent are celebrated in our annual One’s to Watch print issue, and throughout the year on our digital channels.

BJP’s global network of 300+ nominators include

Martin Parr, photographer and curator (Bristol)
Erik Kessels, art director, artist, curator (Amsterdam)
Dimitri Beck, director of photography at Polka (Paris)
Chiara Bardelli Nonino, senior photo editor, Vogue Italia
Missla Libsekal, founder of Another Africa (Vancouver)
Mariko Takeuchi, critic and academic (Kyoto)
Maria Garcia Yelo, artistic director of Photo España (Madrid)
Bao Kun, photography critic (Beijing)
Alvaro Mathias, director general of La Fabrica (Madrid)
James Esterin, founder of Lens at The New York Times
Silvia Mangialardi, director of Fotomundo (Buenos Aires)
Anna Zekria, agent, curator, founder of Salt Images (Moscow)
Ana Casas Broda, photographer and cofounder of Hydra (Mexico City)
David Solo, photobook collector (New York)
Duan Yuting, director of Lianzhou Photo Festival (Guangzhou)
Michael Kominek, publisher (Berlin)
Johan Sjöström, curator of exhibitions at Gothenburg Museum
Holly Hay, photographic editor at AnOther & Another Man (London)
Susan Bright, curator (Paris)
Aaron Schumann, photographer, curator & writer academic (Bristol)
Ann-Christin Bertrand, curator at C|O Berlin
Azu Nwagbogu, director of Lagos Photo
Bronwyn Rennex, director of Stills Gallery (Sydney)
Daria Bonera, agent (Milan)
Bruno Ceschel, founder of Self Publish Be Happy (London)
Christian Caujolle, critic (Paris)
Enrico Bossan, head of photography at Fabrica (Treviso)
Fosi Vegue, photographer and director of Blank Paper School (Madrid)
Krzysztof Candrowicz, artistic director of the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg
Milo Keller, head of photography at ECAL (Lausanne)
Sofia Vollmer de Maduro, curator of collections/founding director at Alberto Vollmer Foundation (Caracas)
Sujong Song, Curator, Co-founder of Seoul Lunar Photo Fest
Wasif Munem, photographer, teacher, curator (Dhaka)
Corinne Noordenbos, legendary educator (The Hague)
Emma Bowkett, photography director, FT Weekend (London)

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