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Our thoughts are with all photographers affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

We want to arm you with tools to help you come out of this crisis stronger: not only enhance your practice, but keep you inspired and entertained during the trying months ahead. Now more than ever, photography can lift our moods, brighten our spirits and boost our mental health.

That’s why we’re offering 99% off 1854 Digital Access Membership, giving you the benefits of our exclusive content, world-class awards and paid future commissions — now just £1 for three months.

We believe that photography is humankind’s most accessible, democratic and powerful form of communication. Photography transcends cultural boundaries. Photography is everywhere. Great photographs tell a story about the past and can help to shape the future. We believe that in the hands of artists and masters of the craft, photography is profound, inspiring us to look at the world afresh. Images have the power to change the way people feel about themselves, about art, culture, politics, society. About everything.

We have been at the centre of photography since 1854, celebrating the artists, inventors and pioneers who have shaped it.

We filter, embracing work that has meaning, helping our audience to navigate the visual world. We give great photographers a platform to communicate the force of their images to a wider public. We challenge preconceived notions about what good photography is. We begin conversations between the most influential and interesting voices shaping the medium. We are a meeting place between the art and commerce of photography. We inspire our audience to frame the world differently.

We sit at the intersection of photography and everything.

Long live photography.
Long live the artists who create it.

British Journal of Photography Magazine

"Since we began in 1854, British Journal of Photography has set the standard for photographic journalism, continuously redefining what we do to reflect changing trends and practices, and the visual sophistication of the global creative community we serve." Simon Bainbridge, Editor (2003 - present)

British Journal of Photography Digital

Through BJP-Online and social, we deliver thought-provoking photography, new talent and fresh perspectives every day and in the moment, inspiring over 3 million creative individuals around the world every month.

FullBleed: Films on Photographic Art documents photographic culture from around the globe, telling the story of photographers and their pictures. Through a regular series of original short films, takes you beyond the frame, unearthing the idea behind the image, rather than the how, focusing on the photographer's signature.

Studio 1854

Studio 1854 is the award-winning visual content agency of British Journal of Photography. Drawing on our global community of talented photographers, we create opportunities for brands to tell stories through photography, film and journalism. In tandem, we create paid opportunities for photographers to produce new and creatively challenging work.

Female in Focus

Female in Focus is a new award from 1854 Media, running for the first time in 2019. The aim of the award is to highlight the exceptional quality of work by female photographers around the world.

Portrait of Humanity

Portrait of Humanity is a new global initiative, created in partnership with Magnum Photos.

Portrait of Britain

Portrait of Britain is an award-winning nationwide photography exhibition, in partnership with JCDecaux, celebrating the cultural diversity of Britain and elevating everyday people to the status of public art.

OpenWalls Arles

Openwalls is a new, groundbreaking international awards series, creating opportunities for emerging and established photographers to exhibit their work in the most reputable galleries around the world.

International Photography Awards

Now in its 16th year, the International Photography Award is one of the world's leading showcases for contemporary photographic talent.

1854 Access

1854 Access is where we bring together all of our awards, commission opportunities and content to create an essential membership program for photographers from all over the world to get inspired, get seen and get paid.

“The passion, drive and dedication of this small, hard-working team really stood out, their focus on creativity and innovation is exemplary. 1854 Media’s win is a fitting reward for a brave and determined approach.”

PPA judges comments, 2017 Publishing Innovator of the Year

“Working on a brand commission with 1854 has really opened my eyes to the potential. Using the power of real photography to cut through the noise and create meaningful conversations between brands and their communities. The photographer wins. The brand wins. The audience wins. It’s a massive opportunity”

Laura Pannack, award-winning photographer

“At a time when print is fighting for survival, BJP is alive and kicking as it builds and enriches an entire generation”

Fatma Genç, Brand & PR Director, WeTransfer

The staggering scale of ambition on show here was what ultimately won over our judges in this most prestigious and most competitive of categories. One judge described the brand as having been completely reborn these last 12 months, making the British Journal Of Photography an unstoppable winner of the PPA Independent Publisher Consumer Media Brand of the Year award for 2016.

PPA judges comments, Media Brand of the Year

“BJP provides a fascinating insight for professionals and amateurs alike”

Jeremy Gilbert, Group Marketing Manager, Nikon

“The BJP is an essential read for anyone working in photography”

Martin Parr, Photographer

“A must-read for photographers of all levels”

Jason Heward, Managing Director, Leica Camera

“The British Journal of Photography’s heritage, credibility in the photography world and passion for innovation made them the ideal partners”

Janet Guest, Editorial Director, JCDecaux

“Everything I’m doing now has flown directly from the exposure I got from winning that exhibition [International Photography Award 2016].”

Juno Calypso, photographer

“British Journal of Photography is a leading voice in the photographic dialogue, debates and trends. It is a vital resource to the professional community as an informer of photographic culture”

Emily Graham, Cultural & Education Manager, Magnum Photos