1854 Media is a multi-award-winning digital media organisation with a global community including millions of photographers, arts lovers and international brands.

Our mission is to be the essential platform for photographers, giving them the vital tools they need to succeed – and to continue discovering and showcasing the most talented photographers of tomorrow, connecting them to international brands.

As part of our support initiatives for the global photography community during this time, we are offering an unprecedented 90% COVID-19 discount to our 1854 Digital Access membership package.

Our portfolio includes British Journal of Photography, the world’s oldest photography title (est. 1854), and our awards include Female in Focus, a platform for under-represented female photographers, Portrait of Britain and Portrait of Humanity which celebrate diversity and are among the most viewed photographic exhibitions in history, seen by tens of millions and garnering international media attention.

Our creative studio works with international brands to commission photographers and filmmakers from our community – often before they become established – to create narrative-led visual content stories, with a high degree of creative freedom, which align with our client’s core messages.


Our story

In 1854, the same year that George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, was born, the first issue of British Journal of Photography landed in the hands of the few brave early adopters of a new-fangled technology. And so the world’s longest-running and most influential photography title emerged in those early Victorian times, with the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George Bernard Shaw destined to grace its pages.

Over a century and a half later, BJP was one of many publications owned by multinational media company Incisive Media. On a frosty night in December 2012, while discussing their love of photography over a beer, Incisive’s Group Publishing Director Marc Hartog, and BJP’s visionary Editor Simon Bainbridge, hatched a bold plan.

They saw BJP’s untapped potential and dreamed of realising it. On 05 February 2013 they risked everything and led a management buyout, leaving the comforting arms of a large corporation to pursue their shared vision for BJP’s future. Along with the BJP team they launched a new company called Apptitude Media – “App” because they knew that digital was an important part of that future. They wrote a manifesto promising to reinvent the medium, defiantly stating, “The magazine is dead, long live the magazine”.

And it worked. We reinvented BJP from a weekly specialist photography magazine, focusing on cameras and hardware as much as images, into a monthly object of beauty with photography and photographers right at its heart. We built apps and a website to bring BJP to people every day and the largest social media following of any photography publication. In the process, BJP’s audience increased from 30k, mainly in the UK, to a monthly reach of 3.5M+, now inspiring people in over 130 countries. The publishing industry celebrated our success, bestowing lots of awards for innovation in print and leading the way in the digital era.

By 2016, the BJP team had grown to 20 very committed people and the company had begun to head in new directions, such as events and exhibitions, and working with brands, using the power of photography to tell their stories. Things were getting bigger, more complex and nuanced.

That’s when we had an epiphany. Was our purpose clear enough, what bound all of this together — us, our work, our motivations? Making a beautiful magazine and apps and building a deeper relationship with a growing audience are all important, but this isn’t what actually inspired us. These are just a means to an end: what we do when we come to work every day, not why we come to work every day.

We needed to clarify our vision; unleash our true potential and fulfil our higher purpose. And so 1854 Media was born, openly embracing the deeper drivers of our shared passion: a profound love of photography and awe for its practitioners. We realised that what really inspires us is the thrill of discovering groundbreaking new work by artists from far-off lands who no-one’s heard of yet. We savour the joy of sharing that work with the world and championing the inventors and rebels who create it, and in so doing, curating the medium.

We’re much clearer now on why we come to work and why we work so hard. We have a sharper love of what we do.

Our manifesto

We believe that photography is humankind’s most accessible, democratic and powerful form of communication. Photography transcends cultural boundaries. Photography is everywhere. Great photographs tell a story about the past and can help to shape the future. We believe that in the hands of artists and masters of the craft, photography is profound, inspiring us to look at the world afresh. Images have the power to change the way people feel about themselves, about art, culture, politics, society. About everything.

We have been at the centre of photography since 1854, celebrating the artists, inventors and pioneers who have shaped it.

We filter, embracing work that has meaning, helping our audience to navigate the visual world. We give great photographers a platform to communicate the force of their images to a wider public. We challenge preconceived notions about what good photography is. We begin conversations between the most influential and interesting voices shaping the medium. We are a meeting place between the art and commerce of photography. We inspire our audience to frame the world differently.

We sit at the intersection of photography and everything.

Long live photography.
Long live the artists who create it.

Recent awards

2018 Independent Publishing company of the Year

“Even in such a fiercely competitive category, our winner stood out for our judges for its relentless innovation, courage, and commitment to the cause.”

2018 PPA Great Leap Forward

Studio 1854 beat The Economist, Haymarket Media and Condé Nast to win the Great Leap Forward Award at the PPA Awards 2018, rewarding our bold rebrand to 1854 Media and the launch of our visual content agency.

“The brave decision to redirect Studio 1854 away from advertising has allowed all other areas of the business to develop. A unanimous choice by our judges for The PPA Great Leap Forward Award for 2018.”

Most Innovative Publishing Company – Business Excellence Awards 2018

2017 Publishing Innovator of the Year – 2017 PPA Awards

“The passion, drive, and dedication of this small hard-working team really stood out, their focus on creativity and innovation is exemplary. 1854 Media’s win is a fitting reward for a brave and determined approach”.

Consumer Media Brand of the Year – 2016 PPA Independent Publisher Awards

Judges named the British Journal of Photography the “unstoppable winner” of Consumer Media Brand of the Year — the “most prestigious and most competitive of categories”.

Digital Innovation of the Year [Portrait of Britain] – 2016 PPA Independent Publisher Awards

After the “staggering scale of ambition” Portrait of Britain exhibition was commended as a “superb achievement” and won Digital Innovation of the Year.

2016 Global Excellence Awards – Best in Digital Publishing

Most Outstanding UK Publishing Company – Innovation & Excellence Awards 2016

Digital Company of the year – Business Excellence Awards 2015

Most Innovative Publishing Company – Innovation & Excellence Awards 2015

New Talent Sales Team of the Year – PPA New Talent Awards 2015

Digital Publisher of the Year 2014 – Business Excellence Awards

Digital Publisher of the Year 2013 – Business Excellence Awards

Digital Media Portfolio of the Year 2013 (UK) – Business Excellence Awards

Publishing Innovator of the Year – PPA Awards 2013

Marc Ghione, CMO of the Year 2013 – Business Excellence Awards

App of the Year for British Journal of Photography – PPA Awards 2013

Marc Hartog, Visionary of the Year – Business Excellence Awards 2013

Most Effective Tablet Application – Mobile Marketing Awards 2013

Online Magazine Publisher of the Year – 2013 Business Excellence Awards

Digital Media Portfolio of the Year, UK – 2013 Business Excellence Awards

Photography Magazine of the Year – Lucie Awards 2012

Best use of mobile – British Media Awards 2012