International Photography Awards

Each year an elite judging panel drawn from the worlds of photography, art and media, celebrate a single standout emerging talent to be showcased to the world through a large scale London exhibition at renowned contemporary art gallery TJ Boulting in London UK, and extensive coverage across BJP’s content channels.

The winner of the BJP International Photography Award 2019 is Jack Latham, with his winning series Parliament of Owls. The series explores the dangers of conspiracy theories and fake news. Parliament of Owls will be on show at TJ Boulting until 17 August 2019. The exhibition has been framed in partnership with Larson Juhl 

In second place is Valentine Bo where his mockumentary, Your Next Step Would Be To Do The Transmission, creates a fictional narrative based around his interest in Raëlism. In third place is Emily Graham where her series, The Blindest Man, is a visual expression of the curious world of an unresolved treasure hunt.

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